ColaGroup Management Services

ColaGroup offers consulting and management services focused on standing up new cannabis operations, and driving operational efficiencies, and community integration in operating entities, ColaGroup is led by experienced owners and operators of U.S. cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, retail and transportation operations, having over 15 years of combined cannabis industry experience. Our founders have driven the sustainable growth of leading US cannabis companies, and have created a historic, industry pioneering operational framework, that integrates social equity principles into cannabis business operations.

About Us

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Where is your company in the Process?

Are you a startup business or an already existing one? We can help you hit the ground running after licensure or reinvigorate a business that may not be performing well in the following service areas:

ColaGroup High-level List of Services

1. Strategic Planning Review

2. Business Planning Review

3. Regulatory Compliance

4. Operational Support

5. Social Equity / Social Justice Planning Review

Cannabis Retail and Wholesale Operations are Challenging

Let Us Help Solve Your Companies Challenges

ColaGroup offers a full suite of cannabis business services, covering operations, governmental affairs, diversity, equity and inclusion, market analysis, real estate selection and community relations. ColaGroup will work to assist your business in establish a solid foundation or strengthen an existing foundation. Consult with us to find out how ColaGroup can meet your business needs.

Cannabis Regulatory Environment is Complex

CoalGroup understands the importance of being in compliance. We offer compliance solutions and repeatable process to assist your organization. Predictability is the key to successful compliance with regulators, let us help you achieve that with our proven process.

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