ColaGroup Team



Senior Level Executive – Gary Little has over 18 years of experience in Real-Estate, Financial Services, Insurance and customer service organizations. Gary has an extensive history of creating/growing new business and implementing high-impact solutions for small, middle-market and large public companies. He has worked internationally as a business executive, advisor and subject matter expert in the Consumer Finance industry. Gary has worked for some of the world’s most recognizable companies across real-estate, financial services, insurance and broadcasting. He has served as a Senior Level Executive for the past 7 years.

Gary has experience in Growth and Scaling: He has launched key business ventures for midsize companies; built specialized servicing practices from the ground up locally and globally. Delivered operation efficiencies saving organizations millions of dollars in operational expense.

He has delivered industry leading fintech, operations and customer experience solutions to midsize/large companies across the financial services and insurance industries.

Having worked on M&A transactions within Consumer Finance and Insurance, Gary has lead M&A integration on a Fortune 500 (100M) and midsize (15M) business scale.

Gary’s last responsibility was management of a division of a 4B publicly traded real-estate company. Responsibilities included, $22M P&L and team of 310. Supporting 764 U.S. field locations and 51,000 Sales Associates. Business-critical initiatives include providing process expertise and vision, driving process optimization, identifying, and implementing business tools and technologies, overseeing workforce planning, facilities management, vendor management, contract negotiations & management.

Gary earned his EMBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management. His business expertise, management background and having worked 12 of the last 18 years in subprime automobile finance where 95% of the customers are from socially impacted areas, adds to Gary’s expertise in navigating the subprime lending space to prime lending. Which results in lower interest rates and a better vehicle(s) for hardworking people who are less knowledgeable about the field. Gary will use his expertise to help people socially impacted by the war on drugs to improve their financial acumen.

Gary while earning his undergraduate degree from DeVry University also worked as store manager for Silo Electronics department stores. He managed a location in Des Plaines IL for three years. Gary has vast experience in consumer retail, specifically, inventory management, loss prevention, resource management and sales / marketing.



Jamilah believes that the foundational issue contributing to the unjust condition of African Americans is the persistent lack of economic and social mobility caused by the generational trauma seeded in the nation’s original sin of enslavement. In her 24 years of teaching, Jamilah has documented success helping African American students to excel in an environment where their high-level participation has been disproportionately absent.  She currently has, along with her other classes, a group of all male, all Black calculus students who are not only succeeding, they are discovering unity and confidence.

She has the capacity to transfer knowledge and ability among members of communities that have been historically excluded from disciplines (STEM) that are the necessary foundational elements of most wealth-building industries.  Jamilah will apply her unique skills to empower the increased capacity of social equity partners and their communities. She will help to create and implement an educational plan to increase the knowledge and give strategies to those impacted by the war on drugs, in order to help better themselves and their communities. Jamilah will be responsible for employee training and development on all the aspects of cannabis and adult use.

Jamilah’s role and focus is to empower and engage community members to seize the opportunity presented by the legalization of cannabis, while devising a framework to ensure adherence to collaborative decision-making that keeps community benefit at the center of operations.

Jamilah is the Vice President of  a youth organization that celebrates youth who have demonstrated strong character and leadership skills. She has helped design and implement youth educational leadership programs, focused on giving back to their community. Jamilah has lead many community engagement activities for the non-for profit organization, in order to bring awareness of issues to the community.

Jamilah looks forward to harvesting and enhancing the existing grass-roots wisdom and pairing it with the resources needed to develop a vibrant social and financial eco-system that will enable community members to address their own needs while creating generational wealth that can sustain the ultimate goal of true equity and opportunity for holistic success.

Jamilah earned her BS in Education with a Concentration in Mathematics from the University of Illinois in Champagne-Urbana, as well as having a Masters in Administration.



Born and raised on Chicago’s west side, Kiwana values the power of education. A graduate of Chicago Public Schools, and a former soldier in the United States Army Reserve, Kiwana believes that perseverance and dedication is key to success. Kiwana believes in continuing to educate herself and working to improve the education of others through her work as a school reading specialist. In this role, Kiwana is able to work with students who struggle with reading to improve their trajectory of success for the future. Kiwana is the sole proprietor of Traveling Tutors, an independent business focused on working with students with diverse learning needs such as dyslexia and autism to improve reading comprehension and fluency.

In addition, Kiwana’s work as an adjunct professor enables her to train graduate students to become reading specialists who are proficient in diagnosing reading needs and implementing instructional plans to increase reading success.

Kiwana looks forward to providing educational opportunities to people in her drug-ravished community about the dangers and benefits of both prescription and illegal drugs. Relying on 15 years of previous experience as a licensed pharmacy technician, Kiwana plans to use her pharmacy experiences in conjunction with her experiences as an educator to inform members of her community.

Kiwana has a BA in English in Secondary Education, MA in Reading, Ed.S in Administration and Supervision and Doctorate (conferred 12/2019) in Educational Leadership.



Jaime has over 15 years experience as an environmental scientist at the US EPA and currently serves in a supervisory role. As a Navy veteran and an advocate for youth, Jaime is dedicated to improving the conditions of his neighborhood and the future of the youth in his community. He spends much of his free time volunteering to coach for local baseball and basketball teams and supports several kids in the community by introducing them to organized sports and covering the costs associated. Jaime is a believer in the power of motivation. He believes if you know better, you do better. He also believes that positive role models are highly effective.

Jaime has always valued living on Chicago’s west side as he was born and raised there. He made the decision to remain on the west side of Chicago with his family because he understands how he could help influence and motivate other young, Black males around him.  He is a strong proponent for building Black wealth as well as generational wealth.

Jaime is an extreme thinker, trained facilitator and experienced leader. His dedication to education and educating others is shown in conversation and action. Jaime has a BA in psychology and a BS in biology with a minor in chemistry. He also has a MS in Public Administration.